Digital Voltmeter Ammeter DC 0.0~300V/20A Led Dual Display Voltage/Current Meter DC 12V 24V Volt Ampere meter 2in1 Digital Tester

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It is a Digital Voltmeter Ammeter/2in1 Digital Tester, Voltage Measuring Range: DC 0.0~300V, Current Measuring Range: 0.0~20.0A, It has small size, high efficiency, long term stable and reliable quality,easy installation and use. Suitable for monitoring storage battery, DC adjustable power supply, or voltage and current changing state of other device.

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  • Voltage Measuring Range: DC 0.0~300V
  • Voltage Resolution: 0.1V under 100V, 1V over 100V
  • Current Measuring Range: 0.0~20.0A
  • Current Resolution: 0.01A under 10A, 0.1A over 10A
  • Power Supply Voltage (non-isolated meter):  DC 3.5~30V (wide range); Note: the max input voltage can't exceed 30V, or the meter will burn.
  • Isolated Meter (isolated power supply meter): DC 8~18V
  • Working Current: <20mA
  • Display: 0.39" LED
  • Measuring Velocity: ≥500mS each time
  • Accuracy of Measurement: 1% (±1 digit)
  • Opening Size: 68mm x 38mm
  • Dimension: 70mm x 40mm x 30mm
Extreme Working Condition:
  • The minimum power supply voltage: +3.5V
  • The maximum power supply voltage: +30V
  • Working Temperature: -10°c~+65°c
  • Working Humidity: 10~80% ( No Condensation)
  • Working Air Pressure: 80~106kPa
  • Sunlight: No direct exposure
Connecting Method:
  • Power Supply of Meter:
    • Thin Black Wire:  Negative pole of power supply
    • Thin Red Wire: Positive pole of power supply (Note: voltage between thin black wire and thin red wire can't exceed 30V.)
    • Isolated Meter (isolated power supply): Power supply terminal and test terminal are totally insulated and isolated each other; several meters can share one power supply, and don't worry any interference caused by sharing power supply; it is suitable for factory aging test, test bed or any other devices which need many meters; power supply voltage: DC 8~18V
  • Test Terminal:
    • COM: Common terminal of test terminal
    • V+:  Input terminal of testing positive voltage
    • A+: Input terminal of testing positive current ( This meter adopts common-ground design that earth wire of measuring terminal is interlinked with earth wire of power supply, so A+ only can be connected bewteen the tested device negative pole and power supply negative pole. the meter will be burnt if connected wrong.)    
    • Note: If the meter is just used as voltmeter, it is suggested that the yellow wire and black wire are connected together.
  • With shell, the meter is safe, reliable and dustproof; it is small and can display voltage and current at the same tiem.
  • This meter adopts common-ground design that earth wire of measuring terminal is interlinked with the earth wire of power supply (except the isolated meter).
  • It has voltage calibration potentiometer and current calibration potentiometer, if there is an error, you can adjust them by yourself.
  • This voltage current meter adopts 0.39" LED display, voltage shows red and current shows green; the decimal point can move automatically.
  • With strong anti-interference capability, it can quickly display refresh rate; with exquisite SMT technology, it has good consistency.
  • It has wide power supply range of DC 3.5-30V (except the isolated meter), and it will not burn if the power supply is connected reversely.
  • This meter is provided with 5 wires which are easy to connect, besides, it has wide application, that it can be applied to monitoring voltage of storage battery, mastering voltage state of storage battery, and measuring voltage and current of other devices.
Package Included:
1 x DC Digital Voltmeter Ammeter (2in1)


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